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RedTube Review: The Best Free Porn Tube Site

RedTube is a porn site that has been with us for a long time. It is one of the platforms to count on for free and consistent porn. As one of the sites in the Pornhub network, RedTube is popular for its high number of porn videos. Users can stream all the content for free. 



How popular is RedTube?

If you are a porn enthusiast, chances are that you have already come across the term RedTube. Actually, it is probably those who have been living in a cave that has never heard of RedTube. The site has been in operation for about 13 years now. It is a reputable porn site for many people in different parts of the world. 

A pioneer in the porn industry

RedTube started back in 2007 and has its headquarters in Texas. The same year that this site launched, it was ranked by Wired as one of the top 5 fastest growing websites. A few years later, RedTube was among the top 100 sites on Alexa traffic rank.

The amount of traffic dropped in the year 2010. But in 2012, RedTube made a dramatic comeback. MindGeek bought the site in 2009, together with YouPorn and Pornhub. 

Most people misspell RedTube, but this is understood

Enough with the history lessons. We now want to get to the real porn offered on RedTube.  Before getting to that, people are so focused on watching porn that they tend to search for the site RedTube in a hurry.

As a result, some misspell the name as Redrube or Redube. Others search for the site using the term Red porn. Many other people use terms like RedTube, Redtub, Redtuve, and Redtubr. This is completely understood considering the quality of porn that the site offers. Y

ou wouldn’t want to delay for a minute to see your favorite porn at the time when you feel like jerking off. 

A wide range of quality porn videos

RedTube offers some of the best porn videos around. These videos are not only of high quality, but there are also plenty of them to watch. When I say plenty, know that I am not joking about this. 

There are millions and millions of porn videos to watch on the website. And the most amazing thing is that you can watch all these videos for free. You don’t even need to sign up. Just visit the site and start watching your favorite porn.

Don’t stop until you fulfill all your sexual desires or you fall off the bed due to exhaustion. 


Quality web design

Everything you expect you see on RedTube is amazing. The website itself has an easy to use design. This alone gives an idea of what to expect at the site. I actually think that other porn sites should benchmark RedTube for some ideas.

It has a red, white and black color theme.

 A well organised platform

Anything you would want to see at RedTube is in the right place.

This makes it easy to find the type of content you are looking for. The only negative thing I noticed was the slow response time. This is especially on the categories tab that takes a few seconds for the content to load. 

The video previews

The video previews show mini videos of actions taking place and not still images like most sites.This is another thing that I liked about RedTube. It gives an idea of what to expect once you click on the video. 

The best website for quality porn

It is like RedTube decided to stand out from other sites by getting inspiration from YouTube. The consequence of this was other sites sitting back and watching. After all, most of them don’t have the budget to come up with such a design.

Apart from the slow response time, this is one site that you can never ignore if you want quality porn. 


Nobody loves the ads!

Another annoying thing you get at RedTube is the ads. These ads are available on most free porn sites and to be honest, they are always irritating. But what the site has done is to get rid of the ads if you sign up for a premium account. 

How much does RedTube charge?

Most of us use AdBlock to get rid of these ads. RedTube discovered this little trick and that is why they decided to come up with a better deal. Since they can’t stop us from using AdBlock, they instead give us a free 7-day trial.On top of that, you also enjoy high and more exclusive content. Plus, you are free to cancel the membership at any time. 

After the 7-day trial ends, premium users have to pay $9.99 monthly. This is fair enough considering that sites charge as much as $30 per month for premium services. 

But with these tough times, $9.99 can do something more reasonable than watching content on a porn site. So if you can’t afford this, it is still ok. Watch the free content as much as you can.

Enjoy the wide variety of porn at RedTube

If you don’t want to spend money on RedTube, I do understand why. After all, why should you pay when there is plenty of quality porn to view for free? There are also many ways to navigate through the site.

This makes it easier to find the type of content that turns you on. 

RedTube features

Now, let’s get to the main features offered at RedTube and how you can get the most out of them.

The categories

First, there is the category tab. The options here are quite vanilla. But there is so much content than you actually need. Some of the most popular options include anal, hentai, and VR.

 All the videos are well grouped in their specific categories. This is one area that many other porn sites tend to mess up. You might want to watch a bit of hentai but when you go to this category, the first content you see is animated porn. While you can find a few videos that fall out of line, I can confidently say that most of them are well grouped. 

The search bar

Another useful feature is the search bar. This is a handy feature for those who want to view a specific video. So long as whatever you are searching for makes sense, be sure to find it at RedTube.

 The search bar has a drop-down menu with options like photos, videos, and cam models. All you need to do is find your content in any of these options. It makes it easier to, for instance, find a live cam model that you like. 

The pornstars tab

Let’s now get to the pornstars tab. This is where you find all pornstars that feature in your favorite videos. I am sure that you will be turned on even before clicking on any content at this tab. 

Note that these are grade A pornstars. They know exactly what to do to leave their users satisfied. It is not only the ladies that you will find here. There are also pornstars in the male and transgender categories.

Can I sort the models?

You can sort the models alphabetically or according to video count and subscriber count. Whether you are in love with the biggest slut or you want to view the most popular models is all your decision.

 These features make it easier to find the type of model you are looking for with less hassle. The sort option is not only available at the pornstar tab. You can also sort the videos according to;

  •  Their view count
  • Ratings
  • The longest ones
  • Their favorite count, and 
  • The new ones

You can get all these options at the drop-down menu on porn videos. This is the first one to see immediately you open the site, next to the sexy simple logo. 

Save for later

Users can also save their favorite videos to watch later. But the lazy ones are free to view collections from other people. It is also possible to sort the collections. So you can watch specific options like gay, straight, or transgender videos. How sweet this is!

RedTube Live cams

We mentioned cam models before when explaining the search bar. But to have a better idea of what this is all about, we are going to discuss the cam sex tab. This is located at the top part of the homepage.

 To access this page, you first have to disable your AdBlocker. This is because the live streams are also detected as adverts. 

The next step is to choose one of the models that are currently online and watch their live performance. Live cams offer a special way of viewing porn. There is also the Fuck Now tab that directs you to a different porn site. We are not going to explain this in detail but it also seems to be a good option here. 

RedTube Conclusion

All said, RedTube remains one of the best porn sites that we currently have. The site has been with us long enough to be trusted by porn lovers. It also offers the freshest and hottest porn actions that are updated every now and then. Besides, all the material at the site is free to view. 

If this sounds like a good deal for you, go ahead and check out the site’s content. There is no other place you are going to enjoy more than RedTube! 

RedTube What we liked

  • The site is free to use
  • A wide variety of amazing porn videos
  • Attractive look and easy to use interface

RedTube What we disliked

  • Adblock detects live cams as ads
  • The categories tab may take a while to respond