Listcrawler : Review Of This Premium Escort Site in 2021

Listcrawler Review: is it a legitimate and reliable hookup site?

Craiglist did away with their personals section. So I was interested to know what Listcrawler had to offer as this was supposedly a decent alternative for sexual encounters. What I found out wasn’t something that I expected. This site is a total waste of time and on top of that, whatever they are offering is illegal. 


Are people still paying for sex?

This may sound crazy, but for me, I don’t need to pay for sex if I want to have a good time. If you feel like paying for sex, then that is totally your business. I am not here to give you advice on something that you can or can’t do. But if I would consider sites where I can get these services, then Listcrawler won’t be one of my options. 

Continue reading to know why I am not into this site at all. At the end of this review, you would probably be on the same side as me. 

An honest review of Listcrawler

When you visit Listcrawler for the first time, you need to; 

  • Verify that you are at least 21 years of age: This is something that you should expect in a sex site. 
  • After confirming your age, there is another window that pops up. Here, you need to agree to the site’s Terms of Service
  • You also need to give an assurance that you are not an American

Yea, you got that right. Here, whether to lie or not is all your decision. Some people tend to lie claiming that they are not from the United States. That is ok. But in the next window, you need to select whether you are in Canada, the United States, or another. So if you lied that you are not from the United States, then you might as well know how to play your cards right here. On the next option, you need to select your city.

Logging into the website

 After this, you are directed to a list of local girls who recently posted. All the girls here post pictures. Other information you get includes;

  • Their contact details
  •  The things they do and 
  • What they aren’t comfortable doing

Be noble enough to not call the girls prostitutes or escorts. Rather, appreciate them for the time they have spent with you. Note that paying for sex is illegal. This means that their business is risky and the least you can do is appreciate them.

 It is risky for you as well. I would like to caution you that some of those phone numbers might not actually belong to the girls. So whoever might show up on your doorstep can be a detective instead. 

Terms of Use

One thing that made me nervous was their Terms of Use. What I noticed here was that Listcrawler users are not protected in any way. First, the site claims that if there is any leakage of information, then they are not reliable for it.

 So what exactly does this mean? I am going to break it down for you;

When you share your personal information at the site, you are likely to be a victim of identity theft. And it can even be worse than this.

Working with law enforcement agencies?

Listcrawler also claims that it can give information to any law enforcement agency if need be, including the FBI. I don’t know what you are thinking right now. But if I wanted to get services from this site, there is no way I am going to share my personal information with them. 

And again, imagine chatting with an ‘escort’ at this site and you invite her to your place. Then whoever arrives isn’t the person you were chatting with. This escort beats you up and even steals your stuff. Listcrawler won’t be reliable or any of this. It is all on you to deal with issues like these. And the website also doesn’t guarantee that whoever will show up at the door is a real escort.

Listcrawler External links

Every time you click on an item in Listcrawler, it directs you to another site. This means that the website does not have escorts of its own. It is only a site that gets escorts from other places like the Erotic Monkey, The Escort Babylon, or Backpage. 

The main aim of Listcrawler is to get its users to click on whatever they see. After doing this, they are directed to another place that is sponsored and will pay those who own the site. So it is nothing more than a moneymaker, which is so unfortunate. 

Who are these escorts?

Every time you look for escorts on an online site bear in mind that paying for sex is against the law. So like we said, you are putting yourself at risk. This however does not only involve getting arrested. You also won’t be sure if the model you contact has some sexually transmitted disease.

Are the escorts legit?

Since they are getting the escorts from other sites, there is no way you can tell whether these girls are legit. So do not always expect a pretty girl in heels to show up on your doorstep. 

I don’t mean to say that every girl there should not be trusted. Just like any other site, there are genuine escorts in there. But you are also likely to find people who claim to be something they are not. Yes, not all the girls here are drug addicts. And not every one of them is going to steal from you. What I am saying is that choosing an escort here is like gambling with your safety.

Listcrawler Are there alternatives?

If looking for a date is your sole purpose, there are so many trusted sites that offer such services. Just visit these sites and find like-minded girls that are ready to offer free sex. And if paying for sex( which is illegal by the way ) is your thing, don’t waste your time in Listcrawler. Instead, go to the original websites where Listcrawler has scrapped data from.

Listcrawler The bottom line

Personally, I don’t see anything special on Listcrawler. It is a clear sign that this site doesn’t care about its users. First, they don’t guarantee the safety of information. And on top of that, they even claim to share personal information with the police. So why should I get myself in any mess?

In short, Listcrawler is nothing more than a shady site. All it does is mislead its users and does not offer any form of protection. 

 Are you looking for a legitimate site where you can find hookups for free? consider a tristed site like It is easy to find hookups here. You won’t have to pay for anything since the girls here are willing to offer sex for free.